Stephanie currently serves as the Operations Manager at LCI Partners, bringing a wealth of expertise in accounting, compliance, and management. With a strong background in these areas, she plays a vital role in ensuring that the firm’s systems are optimised to provide the best possible experience for clients.

In her position, Stephanie oversees day-to-day office operations, focusing on monitoring productivity, managing realisation, and controlling costs. Her goal is to enhance the overall client experience by ensuring smooth and efficient business operations.

As an adept user of Xero and other software, Stephanie leverages her knowledge to streamline business operations, providing clients with efficient and effective solutions. She maintains a portfolio of clients, offering tailored advice derived from a deep understanding of each client’s unique needs.

Stephanie is a key player in LCI Advisory’s onboarding process, contributing to a seamless transition for new clients. As the go-to person for all LCI Advisory clients, she provides guidance and expertise in navigating complex financial matters. Stephanie’s exceptional analytical skills, attention to detail, and ability to address any client question make her an invaluable resource for businesses aiming to achieve their goals in today’s dynamic financial landscape.

Stephanie Veljanovski

“I am always looking for ways to streamline business processes for our business and our clients.”

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