Stephanie is Office Manager at LCI Partners, with a wealth of knowledge in accounting, compliance, and management. She is also an expert in Xero, using her knowledge to help clients streamline their business operations.

In addition to managing the day-to-day office operations and overseeing administrative employees, Stephanie has her own portfolio of clients. Her extensive knowledge of Xero and other software enables her to provide tailored solutions that help clients run their businesses more efficiently.

With exceptional analytical skills and attention to detail, Stephanie has a deep understanding of each client’s unique situation. She plays a key role in LCI Advisory’s onboarding process, ensuring new clients have a seamless transition experience.

Stephanie is the go-to person for all LCI Advisory clients, providing them with the guidance and expertise they need to navigate complex financial matters. Her knowledge of Xero and other software, combined with her ability to answer any client question, makes her an invaluable resource for businesses looking to achieve their goals.

Stephanie Veljanovski

“I am always looking for ways to streamline business processes for our business and our clients.”

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