An experienced accountant and associate at LCI Advisory, Samentha oversees a team that provides advice, prepares financial accounts, and helps with cash flow forecasting for a range of businesses.

With the goal of helping her clients maximise their wealth, optimise business management and growth, she also plays a role in business acquisitions and the improvement of internal business controls.

A CPA Associate member with an interest in self-managed super funds, Samentha has been able to help clients grow and expand their operations as they follow a plan to achieve their maximum sale price. With a focus on providing sound and educated advice, she maintains positive and honest relationships that result in solid businesses that deliver excellent returns.

An experienced and knowledgeable accountant, Samentha is a proud long-term member of the LCI Partners team.

Samentha Reddy

“I enjoy being able to help people identify issues in their business and working with them to correct them so they can reap the rewards of their hard work.”

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