We believe finance should be made for you.

Business • Equipment • Property

A suit will always fit better when it’s made to measure. Finance is very similar. Whether it’s for your home, your investments or your business, we never take finance off the shelf. With 15 years’ experience, we’re fortunate to have strong connections with a large number of lenders. We know how to give a clear brief. Whether you’re creating something fresh for your business or your family, we broker the terms, to ensure your comfort.

your partner for LENDING

Domenic Romeo

Lenders are working harder than ever to win customers. It’s a period where our clients are able to set out the terms they are comfortable with, whether it’s for business plans or the private portfolio.

Family & personal finance

  • Investment property strategies
  • Off the plan purchases
  • Superfund planning
  • Leveraged investing
  • Refinancing

Property development

  • Major construction projects
  • Greenfield developments
  • Hotel and hospitality
  • Fit outs and reconstruction
  • Land subdivision projects

Business expansion

  • Commercial property acquisition 
  • Restructuring debt and accessing equity
  • Financing for trucks and fleets
  • Cashflow solutions
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