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Painful loss in the future can often be avoided by paying attention to the details today.

The LCI team integrates risk and protection into all our wealth and business strategies, so you retain the proceeds of your hard work.

Our team works hard to understand your life, your family and your business before designing insurance solutions.

Insurance services

How we help:

Business Insurance

We’ll work with you to ensure every area of your business IP, assets and people are covered by a policy that makes good financial sense.

Workers Compensation

The right insurance means your business won’t suffer a severe financial loss if someone is injured on the job.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Avoid setbacks caused by traffic accidents and theft with coverage that will ensure your team can stay on the road, no matter what happens.

Management Liability

Protect yourself and your executive officers from financial stress caused by allegations of wrongful acts, fines or other penalties.

Professional Indemnity

This insurance covers the cost of your legal defence and damages if a client blames your business for injury or financial loss, meaning your assets are protected.

Public Liability

Let our team find the right policy to protect your business from financial loss in the event of a member of the public being injured as a result of your business activities.

Home & Contents

Bundle your insurance and cover your personal property.

LCI Partners will investigate and identify the right home and contents cover solutions for you.

Your single advisory solution.

LCI Partners offers all the advisory services you need in one place and collaborate to give you better outcomes.


Protect your family and your business from theft, setbacks and financial loss

Insurance is anything but one-size-fits-all. Let us uncover the most suitable, cost-effective policies for your family or business.

Why choose us?

Single advisory solution

Our insurance team works with our financial advisors and accountants to ensure you have the best protection for your needs.

Proud history

We have been helping clients across Australia to protect their assets, family and business for over 30 years.

Personal relationships

We get to know our clients and want what’s best for them for the long term.

Proactive service providers

LCI Partners will come to you with ideas and risk management recommendations instead of waiting for you to call us.

Experienced, knowledgeable team

We only hire the best and invest in professional development, so we are always learning.

Trustworthy & dependable

We care about your future and want it to be prosperous.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst

Maximising wealth and minimising risk should always go hand in hand. Let us support you as a business owner or individual by identifying every potential pitfall before you do.

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