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LCI Partners offer honest, straightforward advice that empowers you to make smart choices with your money.

It’s time to make your money work for you.

Our services are designed to help a new generation of Australians rise up and take control of their financial future.

Our Services

We provide strategies for tax efficiency, staying compliant, consolidating wealth, and achieving your financial goals.


To maximise wealth, you need to minimise risk. Retain the proceeds of your hard work, no matter what.


Protect your business, your team, and your family. Our experienced legal team provides the added layer of support you need.


Strategic borrowing can create an empowered future. Let LCI guide you on your journey.


Gain exclusive access to development and investing opportunities to build your personal wealth from the ground up.


It’s not the earning or the saving, it’s the thinking. Let us help you find your path to prosperity.

Your single advisory solution

LCI Partners offers all the advisory services you need in one place and collaborate to give you better outcomes.

Realise your dreams of financial security

A young family discovers they can buy that investment home.

A small business owner sees a way to build capital, expand and stay in control.

A professional sportsman discovers one decision made today could secure his financial future.

An elderly widow is relieved to find, though she’s now alone, she’ll be financially secure and comfortable for years to come.

After 35 years, we’ve seen how financial ideas can transform people’s lives. They can make a good business great. They create safety. They can make dreams possible.

Why choose us?

Single advisory solution

LCI Partners offers all the advisory services your family and business need and collaborates to give you better outcomes.

Proud history

We have been helping clients across Australia to protect and grow their wealth without stress for over 30 years.

Personal relationships

We get to know you and see ourselves as your partner in long term financial security and success.

Proactive service providers

Our professional team will come to you with ideas and recommendations that are based on up-to-date knowledge and best practices.

Experienced, knowledgeable team

We only hire the best and invest in professional development, so we can help our clients to achieve so much more.

Trustworthy & dependable

We care about your results and are excited to play a role in your wealth-building success story.

The right people who really understand what you need

The LCI Partners team is built on three core values – trustworthiness, integrity, and responsiveness – because we’re all about putting our clients first and doing whatever it takes to get them where they need to go with their finances today and into tomorrow too.

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