Our dedicated team of experts are geared towards your goals.
Your vision for
the future is our priority.

More than 2 decades of experience

LCI Partners aims to understand our client’s goals and needs. We establish relationships that fuel success with the

ultimate aim of creating wealth for clients, thereby forming a strong relationship.

Our "hands on" strategy

We are passionate about providing clients with tailored “hands on” strategies and systems to have a powerful and positive impact on their business and quality of life.

Your One Stop shop

We offer a complete range of taxation, management and financial planning advice to clients with profitable and successful solutions and strategies to help their financial growth.

Geared Towards Success

We strive for the continuous improvement of our services and the development of our team. The ultimate measure of our success is in the results we help our client achieve.

Take care of your future

The firm has a commitment to staff to create a safe, healthy and happy working environment.

We encourage professional development so staff may achieve the highest standard.


Established over 15 years ago, LCI Partners has grown to become one of the leading accounting and financial advisory firms in the Parramatta CBD.

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LCI Financial Services is a specialist provider of financial planning advice tailored to meet the specified needs and goals of both individuals and businesses.

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LCI Lending Services is a fully accredited and licenced mortgage and lending broker first established in 2004, encompassing a multitude of lenders and services.

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